Sparkling Ice

Sparkling Ice Cocktail/Mocktail Social Media

Print, advertising and social media.

Vist Maine

Maine Office of Tourism Campaign

"Welcome to the Land of And." advertising campaign.


Experiential Popeyes Palooza

Popeyes swag, food tuck, mobile app, and events.


Popeyes Mobile Social Media

SMS to coordinate activities and promotions.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo - Digital Campaign

"Monthly Giving" digital advertising campaign.

San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo - Seasonal Mailer

Seasonal direct mail membership campaign.

San Diego Zoo


SOAR - Student Orientation, Advising and Registration

Green Mountain Energy

Green Mountaion Energy Mascot Development

Mascot concepting and development.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose Essences GEO Targeted Ads

GEO-Targeted social media ads click to purchase.

Dial Soap

TaxAct "April Showers" Character Campaign

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook campaigns and promotions.

Monster Cable, Inc.

Monster Inspiration Headphones Ads

Digital & Print ads for Monster Inspiration headphones.

Monster Cable, Inc.

CES Monster Trade Show Booth, Las Vegas

Trade show booth design, graphics and promotions for CES.

Monster Cable, Inc.

adidas Monster Fitness Island

Retail store display for adidas Monster Fitness products.

Monster Cable, Inc.

adidas Monster Headphones Packaging

Packaging design and layout for adidas Monster headphones.

Miles Davis Trumpet Earphones

Miles Davis Trumpet Display and Promotion

Displays for Trumpet earphones and Montreal Jazz Festival.

Jimi Hendrix Headphones

Dial Soap Packaging Redesign

Packaging refresh for body wash products.

Pearls Olives

Pearls Olives - Give a Helping Hand

Enter to win promotion.

Pearls Olives

Pearls Olives to Go! Packaging

Packaging wraps, lid and label designs.

Infusion Energy Drink

Infusion Energy Drink Label

Label design for Infusion Energy Drink cans.

Deity Vodka

Deity Vodka Label Design

Logo and label design for Deity Vodka.

Creating dynamic visuals and innovative strategies for online digital and print media.

A passion for typography, photography, color, and illustration. Strategic thinking for marketing and advertising initiatives. Extensive experience designing for small, medium and large businesses, agencies and brands. Skilled in hiring, training, supervising and mentoring talent. Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Figma, Cinema 4D, Basecamp, Adobe Workfront, Slack, Salesforce, Microsoft 365 as well as editable documents and platforms (e.g., Google Workspace).

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